Daisy Bank - Tree nursery

A year ago we started our community tree nursery at Daisy Bank in Mytholmroyd, partly funded by the Community Foundation for Calderdale.

We run a weekly volunteer meetup every Friday throughout the whole year right up to New Year's Eve. Our regular volunteer base has been gradually expanding, and we welcome everyone, including families with children.

We have trees available for planting this season. This year the variety is limited this will change during this upcoming spring when all the seeds we've been stratifying over winter will be sown with volunteers.

We organise seed collecting events for sowing at the nursery throughout the year.

Our trees are grown bare rooted and hardy with natural spring water and glorious Yorkshire sunshine.

Daisy Bank

Tree Planting

Since January 2020 we have helped plant over 43,000 trees in Calderdale as part of local woodland creation schemes and hedging. We work closely with other local organisations to help deliver on various aspects of tree planting as well as our own projects.


Mixed small sites


Withen Hill

Cote Clough

Leaky dams - 2021

During 2021 we constructed 21 timber leaky dams as part of NFM (Natural Flood Management) projects across Calderdale with Treesponsibility.
The work was funded by the RRC fund (Rapid Response Catchment) to prevent flooding lower down the valley.

So far the dams have performed very well during heavy rainfall which had many parts of the country suffering from flooding.

We planted over 500m of willow revetments, forming a natural living leaky dam when established.
This provides the added benefit of sequestering carbon and creating multiple wildlife habitats for birds and pollinators, as well as aquatic life forms.

Leaky Dams

River cleanup - Summer 2021

We have been working with Yorkshire Wildlife Trust and Calder Future on the Calder Greening project. Clearing river and flood debris, we have cleared over 3km of the River Calder starting from Hebden Bridge Train Station.

We have pulled out a staggering amount of waste from the river, and enjoyed the company of Minks, Wagtails and King Fishers.

River Cleanup

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