About Us

Forus Tree are a workers Co-operative and a not for profit social enterprise with over 20 years of tree planting experience between our core crew. Our aim is to mitigate the effects of climate change and restore biodiversity in the Calder valley and beyond. We will achieve this through planting, managing and protecting woodland, wildflower and wildlife habitats.


Mission and Aims

To create a sustainable future by actively getting members in the community involved and skilled up to work in an ever-changing environment. We want to encourage and nurture healthy woodland management by supporting and training people with the vital skills they need to succeed.

All the founding members worked for Treesponsibility; who have been planting trees and doing natural flood management in Calderdale for over 23 years. We also have close working relationships with local ecologists, arboriculturists and local authorities, supporting us with a vast network of knowledge and expertise.

Plant at least 100,000 trees per year
Plant at least 100,000 trees per year with the community and for the community. We aim to do this in coordination with local land owners, the council and other initiatives.

Mitigate Climate Change
Trees absorb co2 and other pollutants through their leaves. Their roots filter and clean water. Making them a perfect way to fight climate change and stop water contamination.

Reduce Floods
Roots act like a natural sponge absorbing water and strengthening the ground. Planting willows and other trees can slow down water, stop land erosion and function as a natural dam when planted across streams.


By documenting our activities along with sharing skills and knowledge through our weekly volunteer meetings and social media platforms, we hope to engage and empower people to become more proactive in maintaining their environment.

The Team

Charles Short

Daisy Brasington

Gavin Roberts

Jack Lynch-Watson

Jamie Normington

Jem Tattersall

Jess Roberts

Mischa Warnecke

Pete Harrison

Tom Deacon


Forus Tree would like to thank the following organisations for their help and support

Calderdale Council & Environment Agency

Big thank you to Calderdale Council and Environment Agency for their Priority Actions Grant funding for our Himalayan Balsam Community Action project hand pulling this invasive non-native species in our mid and upper catchment to stop it spreading. Thanks to this funding, local landowners and the help of our brilliant volunteers, we're clearing over 1,000,000 square metres to improve biodiversity and reduce flooding.


Forus Tree is a not-for-profit workers co-operative

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